installation & performance: Skin_Peau

Work-in progress performances
Project still in development

May 11 2016, Bain Mathieu, Montreal
Project M45: The Interdisciplinary Writers’ Unit at Playwrights Workshop Montreal

October 3-8 2017, Toronto
Caminos Festival in partnership with the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics from New York

Born out of a fascination with the image of an illuminated doorway, Skin is a meditation on boundaries, borders and the shortness of life. Using body, image, text and sound, Skin explores the significance and insignificance of the human experience within the vastness of earth and its atmosphere. In this performance installation we examine the edges of the architecture of our homes, psychology and the earth’s construct, we take a voyage from the earth's core to the exosphere.

The project has been created through several stages. We used the Six Viewpoint improvisation technique to generate gesture and develop the ensemble made up of Jennie Herbin, Carina Rose, Joseph Shragge, Emma Tibaldo, and Viewpoints leader Leslie Baker. In the mean time, text was developed through writing intensives with Joseph, Emma and Leslie. Concurrently, Leslie created a ten-part structure and placed the gestures discovered through improvisation within this structure.

The trio then began placing the text within the structure, followed by the ensemble rehearsing the combination of the physicality and text, making adjustments to the placement of material. Carina, also an architect, started working on the set and costume design, adjusting the design alongside the creation of the work. Video was then layered in, as well as sound by Peter Cerone and Michael Leon and finally lighting by Luc Prairie. Overall, the process of creation has been highly collaborative and co-created, with each member of the team focusing on their specialty.

Created by Leslie Baker with co-creators Emma Tibaldo and Joseph Shragge, in collaboration with Carina Rose and Jennie Herbin

Sound design by Peter-Cerone & Michael Leon, Lighting design by Luc Prairie, Video design by Leslie Baker, Peter Cerone & Kate Hagemeyer.

Original video footage by Than Thein, Set & Costume Design by Carina Rose, Stage Management by Kate Hagemeyer.