installation: Lost pigeons

This sculptural installation was created for a contemporary dance performance.

The installation started in the theatre entrance as a tree with metal parts. Its tube structure flowed in one continuous curved line into the theatre and around the periphery of entire performance space. Along the way the tubes twisted into four structures (knots) onto which a flexible surfaces (membranes) were attached.

Throughout the performance the four dancers detached each of these structures and their surfaces. The structures were assembled to create one large element that was suspended over center stage in the finale. Three of the translucent surfaces became shiny floor elements, one as a water basin. The fourth remained on the periphery, as a focal point and a glowing wall for the dancers to lean against (the only smooth surface in the rough stonewall theatre)

The installation’s materials are copper/aluminum/plastic tubing, acrylic panels and sheets, dry branches.

Client : David Pressault Danse/Danse Cité
Performed by: Clara Furey, Thea Patterson, David Flewelling et David Pressault
Location: Monument National, Montreal
Date: 2006 (Montréal: Jan 25-Feb 4, 2006)
Construction assistants: Armando Rubio Gomez et atelier Alain Cadieux
Modelling collaborator: Ivanka Iordanova
Photos: Nicolas Ruel and Kate Fellerath (as noted)