interior: Coop la maison verte


This project is a renovation of a commercial space into Co-op La Maison Verte, a community-based co-operative in the Notre-Dame-de-Grace neighbourhood. It is a store that provides ecological products for the home as well as resources for responsible consumption. It was the first environmental solidarity co-op in Canada and remains today an integral part of the community.

The simple design transforms the space into a warm, welcoming and uncluttered café and store. The middle area, for eventual movable displays, is kept open to be easily cleared for gatherings such buy nothing day, workshops, the annual meeting and yoga. The continuous open shelving creates a general store feeling.

Due to the mission of the Coop much of the project was done as sustainable as possible and on a very tight budget. Straw panels are used for the lower cabinets and counter front, the main counter structure is made of reclaimed wood posts from a demolition site the counter top with marble found on site and resized. The original wood floor was uncovered from layers of vinyl and refinished. The paint and wood finishes are low VOC products.

Another part of the project consisted of coordinating volunteer builders as well as the paid trades.

Location: Montreal
Area: 1500 sq.ft
End of project: 2001
Collaboration with: Oeuf architects