carina rose architecture ecodesign

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architecture: Hatley House

interior: St-Hubert House

interior: Hospital entrance

landscape: YMCA permaculture

graphics: Carifete

architecture: Maison Hatley_ Radio-Canada

installation: Lost pigeons

interior: Mani’s restaurant

installation: Stop-stone _Pose à Paris

graphics: HCNDG

architecture: Ecohabitation Residence

interior: Charlevoix house

interior: Coop la maison verte

installation: Social studies- In vein

graphics: Art deco montreal

architecture: Living building

interior: Island table

interior: 52 inc. cafe & boutique

installation: Shopping cart chair

graphics: University of the streets cafe

architecture: Jardiniers du chef residence

interior: College de maisonneuve

landscape: 13 acres competition

set design: Daisy & Wonder Weeds